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Anonymous asked: I honestly think people in the US have fun saying "nigger" generally, up in Canada I haven't heard it uttered by anyone, but the minute I go down to visit my cousin in the US. Everyone is saying it, I was disgusted and yelled at my cousin for even uttering it. Holy crap, I feel like white people down there want you to be lower than them. -Muslim lady



idk im just this super dude. people dont really scare me. especially white people. they’re cowards that saw the greatness in my skin color and enslaved it. only thing i fear is death. and i only fear that because i wanna change the world before i die. one shouldn’t fear anyone or any race. rise above it. particularly its mind over matter. until you understand your place in the world you cant progress it. you know who i love? lupe. that guy is so gifted


and this is for all the white people that think it’s okay to say nigga

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Anonymous asked: I'm sorry if I'm late to the party but your mike brown post is bullshit. Black people commit crimes against each other in record numbers. Black on black crime is a thing and has been for a huge number of years. I know you're trying to be the edgy girl who stands in solidarity with black people, but you're just making yourself look like an idiot and alienating yourself from your white peers. Realise that no matter how it's dressed up, black people are criminals. They commit crimes. Fact.



Oh Jesus. I don’t even know where to start. I’m gonna say first off, that I don’t consider myself as “edgy” for being a decent person. And I think it’s very sad that you do.

I could not give one fuck about “alienating” my peers. Especially racist pieces of shite like you.

Before I even address your entirely false statement of “black people are criminals” I want to address the very use of “black on black” crime.

I hate this fucking term, with a passion. I don’t know which asshole decided that this was going to be the new buzz statement, but it’s bullshit. When white people commit crimes against white people, it’s not called “white on white” crime. But as soon as a black person commits a crime against another black person this stupid phrase is thrown around by (I imagine) predominantly white people looking to say “Ah! Look! They kill each other! Ah!”

No. Stop it. It’s unfair. It’s bringing race into a situation where it doesn’t belong.

Now… As for “black people are criminals” - How can you even think this is a fair statement to make is beyond me. ESPECIALLY when the crime we’re talking about in the fucking first place is a white guy against an unarmed black kid (I know lots of you disagree when I call him a kid, but he was 18. He was a baby who lived at home with his mother!)

Do black people commit crime? Yes. Does that mean that ALL black people commit crime and are inherently criminals? No. Of course not. And you know that.

By your logic, should we assume that all white males are rapists, serial killers and child molesters? Because the vast majority of those crimes are committed by white males. No. We shouldn’t.

The actions of a few people do not denote the behaviour of all members of one race.

Inappropriate thoughts ft. you

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The older I get, the more I see how women are described as having gone mad, when what they’ve actually become is knowledgeable and powerful and fucking furious.
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